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Tutorial; how I made this graphic (basic) 

End result here.

Blending tutorial, including coloring. Really simple I guess.

Photos used: 1 2 3 4 (from Texture Pack 11)

Brushes used; 1 2. (They’re from Aethereality.net but they seem gone ;___; )

Please, do NOT remove the ‘read more’

Open a new 500X500px document.

Fill the background with the color #3d2f40

Use the magic wand to select the white part, set the tolerance to 15.

Now inverse the selection (CTRL+SHIFT+I) and copy (CTRL+C)

Paste your TARDIS in your document. Use the cursor to resize the TARDIS, hold shift to keep the right proportions while resizing.

Now use the erase tool to get rid of those ugly white/grey bits on the edge or our TARDIS.

Set the blending mode to lighten.

Set the fill to 61%

Go to your second image. 
Use the lasso tool (with feather on 1) to select Rose. Copy your selection, paste it into your work document. 

Resize the copy to the desired size. 

Use the erase tool (or the lasso-selection tool) to get rid of those ugly bits again. I’ve encircled the bits I’ve missed on my image below.

So go to your regular selection tool.

Set the feather to 20px.

Select the bottom of your Rose selection. Delete your selection.

Select some other bits (I’ve encircled them below) and delete that too. Now it will look a bit like it’s blend in with the rest…

Sharpen the Rose selection (Filter - sharpen - sharpen.)

Set the blending mode to Luminosity.

Fill to 47% 

Create a new layer;

Go to your brushes, install the brush packages from the link. (If you don’t know how to install brushes, have a look at this tutorial. More on how to use and create a brush here.)

Select the big rose brush from the ‘Butterfly Garden’ package and paste it into the left corner. Make sure your color is white.

Set the fill to 92%

Now some text. 

I’ve used the font JamesHand

The text ‘Rose’ is in 36pt, while ‘her name was’ is in 24pt.
Set to ‘sharp’
And set the line spacing to 24pt for the entire text.

Now use your cursor to tilt the text just a little bit. 

Go to the third image and select all of it, copy it to the document and resize it like displayed below.
Place it above the background and under the TARDIS layer. 

Set the blending mode to lighten. 
Opacity: 62% 

Now to to your select tool again, set the feather to 10px and select the part as displayed below. Delete that selection.

Add texture 282 from Texture pack 11. (Image 4)
Set the fill to 47% 

Go to your adjustment layers - Levels

Use the following settings:

19 - 0,75 - 215
Output levels 7 - 255

7 - 0,96 - 245

18 - 1,10 - 253

14 - 0,90 - 234 

Go to adjustment layers - Curve

Use the following settings:

output: 39  input: 46

output: 152  input: 135
output: 156  input:  159
output: 157 input: 171  
(Red is also displayed below)

output: 136 input: 133 

output: 144 input: 139 

Go to adjustment layers - vibrance.

Set vibrance to +40

Go to adjustment layers - gradient map

Use the following settings:

black position 0
#201414 position 14
#372928 position 29
#605252 position 46
#968886 position 62
#c6bbb5 position 80
#f8f1e1 position 100 

Set the blending mode to bleach.

Adjustment layers - curves

output 141 input 108 

Adjustment layers - gradient map

Black - #ffe3c5 (might want to save this one, we’ll be using it again ;))

Set the blending mode to soft light.

Opacity 40%
Fill 40% 

Adjustment layers - Gradient (so NOT the same as gradient map!)

Use the same settings we’ve just used (#ffe3c5/black)

Set the blending mode to soft light.

Fill 70% 

Adjustment layers - Solid color

Use the color #e9aafb

Set the blending mode to multiply

Fill 69%

Create a new layer. Paste the longer brush (664px) (from the ‘Flower sketch’ pack) to the right of your image.

Set the fill to 5%

Drag the text layer below the color layers. (As displayed below) Make sure the two layers with the brushes are on top of the color layers.


As always, questions, suggestions and any mistake you might see can go to my askbox

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