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Things I regret; becoming a teacher. 

Omg if this will go on for the rest of the year I’ll have a burn out in no time

Seriously, this third class I have are horrible!!! This day was so though!! WHY THE HELL DID I GET INTO TEACHING IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?!?!?! WHY WHY WHY????

AND WHY DO THESE 14 year old feel the need to terrorize me?!?!?!?! ;______; 


 posted 2 years ago

  1. calamuscrest said: i have no clue why teengers feel the need to terrsorize new teachers. it’s never made sense to me. it should die down in a bit if they don’t get much of a reaction from you, but it might go on more if you don’t do anything. :l good luck!
  2. ghostsofthepastlife said: I know how you feel. I worked in an elementary school for 2 years and it was hell. I regret my choices too. But be brave, you must.
  3. lonesomeorganist said: Remember why you wanted to teach :-) Also, drinks are appropriate. Very, very appropriate.
  4. the-east-windd said: Where do you teach may I ask? (just wondering because we have alot of new teachers and would be amazingly coincidental if you were one of them!) Just show them whose boss, go through with your punishments, but surprise them with rewards :)
  5. teaintheukraine said: Aww, it’ll get better! Just keep calm and don’t throttle anyone. Fourteen is a horrible age - hormones, breakouts, idiocy, among other things. You’re in our thoughts, love! :3
  6. accioscabior said: Show your authority girl! Don’t be afraid to send them to the Dean or write them up! Don’t let those kids rule over you!
  7. snatchmescabior said: *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* Just think you’re somebody else (ok, this sounds stupid, but if I think I’m as strong as Blair Waldorf I feel a bit more confident;D) this stupid pupils should be glad to get such a super cool teacher!!♥
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